'I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.'

Hey there! I’m Marcela, a Portland Wedding Photographer and professional third wheeler.
It’s chill.

Tear-stained cheeks and bellyaching laughs… yeah, I’ll capture that. I take a more fly-on-the-wall (photojournalist) approach so I can focus on capturing  the moments of your day exactly as it unfolds. Emphasizing a mixture of candid with portraiture, you’ll be able to
look back on your images and relive your wedding with a sense of nostalgia and all the warm fuzzy feelings.
Share your love story with me and together we can create some real magic.

I service the West Coast including Portland, Seattle, and Northern California.
But who am I kidding? You can oftentimes find me with a camera in hand across the U.S. and worldwide.
There’s nowhere that I wouldn’t go to for a good love story!

BEST OF 2017

Marcela Pulido