In their own words…

      How did you two meet?

      We met at Amazon’s post-Holiday party. Zak has never worked there, but has now gone six years in a row. 🙂 We were at the same pre and post-parties, and he asked me to dance at Lo-Fi’s 90s night. 🙂 It took a little convincing, but Amit (now a groomsman) came over and sang Zak’s praises, so I said yes and that was it!

      • What’s your favorite memory of each other?

        Zak: When Kristin ran into her friends and people she used to support from Horizon House (a Senior Living facility) at a Dancing in the Park event. She got up and attempted a few Waltzes with a few of her favorite 90 year olds. 🙂 Kristin: A few months into seeing each other, Zak invited me to a friends trip to Leavenworth. It was such a crazy, perfect blur of a weekend, getting to know him more, and seeing him with his friends.

      • When did you know they were the ONE?

        Zak’s response: “Is it dumb that it’s the same answer to the last one? I can change it!” 🙂 I told him he could leave it 🙂 Kristin’s response: It’s a list of things: someone asked me how I felt about him only 3-4 months in and without hesitation I said that for the first time I felt what it was like to feel genuinely cared for in every way. That feeling has never gone away, and I hope it never does. His amazing family, how he is with mine, his relentless positive outlook, and how he treats my dog all made it clear that he’s the one.

      • How did your fiancé propose?

        We went to Orcas Island for our anniversary (a little belated last year because of some really terrible family matters), but we stayed at our favorite Bed & Breakfast, and he took me to dinner and proposed out in front of the water (that’s the *very* simplified version :))

      • What are you looking forward to most for your wedding day?

        Zak: The band and guests trying all of our food. And our first dance. Kristin: The second we get outside after the ceremony, knowing *right* at that moment we’re starting the next crazy chapter of our lives together, and kicking it off with an incredible party with so many of our favorite people.

      415 Westlake Wedding

      Ceremony: St James Cathedral
      Portraits: Green Lake
      Reception:  415 Westlake
      Food Trucks: Meat on a Mission and Buddha Bruddah
      Rentals: Pedersen’s, Vintage Ambience
      Florals: Sweet n Design
      Band: Blue Wave
      Party Bus: A&A Limo
      Late Night Snack: Dante’s Inferno Dogs
      Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse 
      Bridal Gown: Nordstrom
      Bridesmaids: LuLus & Anthropologie


      Make sure to check out Zak and Kristin’s snowy engagement session here!

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