Dog Lover | Bilingual | Traveler

      I collect books, vinyl records and tattoos. I get excited about: 90’s hip hop and R&B, new books, live music, playlists (the modern day mixtape), Mexican food, and travel.

      I’m a restless spirit. Originally from San Bernardino in the Inland Empire of California, I’ve lived in the Bay area, Yosemite National Park, Seattle, and currently can be found exploring the beautiful city of roses that is Portland, Oregon with my pup Rupert.

      As a lover of anything unconventional and non-traditional, I strive to showcase diversity and embrace all cultures in my work. I’m a proud lgtbq+ supporter too!

      Rupert Kingsley

      The Goodest Boy.

      Ten year old Jack Russell Chihuahua, Rupert has been by my side his whole life. From having grown up in Southern California to becoming a true blue Pacific Northwesterner and exploring all the hikes in the region, he also lived with me out of a van for two months as we road tripped through the Southwest. He’s peed in a lot of National Parks so that means he owns them now, right?