Dog Lover | Bilingual | Traveler

      I collect books, vinyl records and tattoos. I get excited about: 90’s hip hop and R&B, new books, live music, playlists (the modern day mixtape), Mexican food, and travel.
      I’m a restless spirit. Originally from San Bernardino in the Inland Empire of California, I’ve lived in the Bay area, Yosemite National Park, Seattle, and currently can be found exploring the beautiful city of roses that is Portland, Oregon with my pup Rupert.

      No matter where I’ve been, I’m a native Californian at heart. Which means I’m going to be stoked about everything, think love is rad, and most likely will call you “dude.” Soy Chicana, my family hails from Jalisco, Mexico and Spanish was my first language… but English is still my primary language. I grew up in the Inland Empire of California which means I’m a sucker for Bakers Drive-Thru and In n Out Burgers. My drink of choice these days is a mezcal cocktail but I can’t say no to a good craft beer. I’m a literary nerd covered in tattoos which range in themes such as life events, personal philosophies and ideologies. So naturally that includes Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

      I prefer long nights to early mornings and am always trying (and failing!) to teach myself new constellations. I guess I’ve always had my head towards the skies. I thrive best in two environments: soaking in the majesty of the great outdoors and roaming around with a childlike abandon, my eyes peeking through the viewfinder of whatever camera I happen to have handy. I picked up my first camera in my Junior year of High School and I have yet to put it down.

      To be able to photograph people on such an enormously important life event is an endless blessing and I am constantly humbled. Because “in the vastness of space and the immensity of time…” you found one another. I believe in love, above all things it is the most raw and beautiful to me. My aspiration as a photographer and storyteller is to capture all of the crazy emotions that run wild and help you relive them for years to come.

      Above all else, I’m a hopeless romantic that loves stories. I would love it if you shared yours so we could create some beautiful imagery together.

      So here I am. I’m Marcela and I would love to take your photo.