Barcelona, Spain Travel Guide

      Three years ago I started a pretty nifty little tradition that I’m a big fan. I noticed that the older we get the more grumpy and less excited people are about celebrating their birthdays. I totally get that but also at the same time I can’t help but keep an almost childlike excitement about getting older. But I also realize that not everyone is as excited as I am to start getting gray hairs. What?! I’m ready to rock that salt and pepper look. So three years ago instead of throwing another lame birthday party (to be fair, they’re not even remotely lame and actually a lot of fun to celebrate with friends and family) I decided I was fed up with celebrating my birthday in the cold and rainy month of February in the Pacific Northwest and I wanted to travel to somewhere tropical. I celebrated my 28th birthday in Tulum, Mexico. My 29th birthday took me on an adventure to Antigua, Guatemala. For my 30th birthday this year I went to Barcelona, Spain and I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite travel photos from the excursion and a few must see spots while you’re there!

      I stayed at the Sant Jordi Hostel near the Sagrada Familia for the first 4 nights of my stay and had the absolute best time. I took my time exploring the city, getting lost through the alleyways of the Gothic Quarter and eating all the delicious tapas and sangria. Staying at the hostel for the first part of my stay was intentional, I was traveling alone for the first leg of my trip and this served as an excellent opportunity for me to make new friends out of fellow travelers. They offer dinner at the hostel too which was nice (but come on, nothing beats some good old fashioned tapas while wandering the city!) that easily segued into partying late into the night and morning at the clubs. Be prepared for late nights of dancing! I have to admit, the late morning and even later night atmosphere of the city really resonated with me and I enjoyed it immensely!

      For the second part of the trip I had my friends Katy Weaver and Alfred Tang (badass photographers in their own right!) join me so we moved to a little beachside Airbnb in Montgat, Spain.

      I’ve split up this Barcelona travel guide into four parts; where to stay, what to see, where to eat, and how to get around Barcelona, Spain. Hopefully this helps give you a few ideas of what to do while you’re there and most of all, have so much fun!

      Where to stay in Barcelona:

      What to see in Barcelona:

      • La Sagrada Familia: you can’t make a stop in Barcelona and not see La Sagrada Familia and once you lay eyes on it you’ll see exactly why. It’s towering (and as of yet still unfinished!) structure is an incredible sight to behold and comes from the mind of Antoni Gaudí who’s architecture can be seen all throughout Barcelona.
      • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art: hell, just hanging out in the courtyard of the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) is a very cool experience as you’re likely to see skateboarders using a lot of the architecture to their advantage. The best part was that the museum encourages this!
      • Park Güell: also designed by Antoni Gaudí
      • Mercado de la Boqueria
      • La Rambla
      • The Gothic Quarter
      • Flamenco at Palau Dalmases Flamenco

      Where to eat in Barcelona:

      • Satan’s Coffee Corner
      • La Xurreria de Maria
      • Sensi Gourmet Tapas
      • Espai Mescladis
      • Teresa Carles

      How to get around:

      • Barcelona Metro, Subway System: the easiest way to get around! Just have your wits about you as there is a lot stolen on the metro. My friend Alfred had his phone stolen right out of his pocket so I mean it, keep your wits about you!
      • taxi: pretty straightforward and easy to get a taxi on most main roads!
      • Uber? At the time that I was there, the taxi and metro were having citywide protests and riots against uber so I’m not sure if that’s changed in the meantime!

      In a place like Barcelona, half of the beauty is getting lost in this gorgeous city and taking in the architecture and finding new and secret spots along the way. So as much fun as it is to plan make sure you leave some room for adventure and exploration too!


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