Best Portland Engagement Photo Locations in Oregon

If you’re here that can only mean one thing… you’re engaged! Congratulations! There’s a lot to come with planning with a wedding and finalizing all those special little details, but let’s get right to the fun part: the engagement photos! You’ll want to have some professional photos for your save the dates or maybe just because! Here’s the fun thing about weddings: you make the rules. Which pretty much means you can do whatever the hell you want for your engagement photos too. Do you want an in-studio session with a disco theme and disco ball? Fuck yeah, let’s do it! Or maybe a spooky Halloween session with pumpkins for heads? Hell YEAH!

I mean it when I say it can be anything you want it to be! So how about a beautiful scenic landscape as your backdrop? Luckily Portland, Oregon has an insane amount of stunning engagement photo locations to choose from. We have all of Oregon as our playground for your engagement photos. So let’s get down to it: here are the best of the best Portland Engagement Photo Locations covering all of Oregon!

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Greater Portland Engagement Photo Locations
Oregon Engagement Photo Locations
Local & Adventure Engagement Photography Pricing

Greater Portland Engagement Photo Locations

Hoyt Arboretum Engagement Photos

The beauty of Portland is really how incredibly accessible the parks are within the city limits. You don’t even have to go very far to feel like you’re in a moody forest. Hoyt Arboretum in Forest Park is pretty dang close to downtown Portland and gives you the easiest access to feeling surrounded by giant trees. The best part? If you’re wanting to elope or get married here the Redwood Deck at Hoyt Arboretum is an amazing location to do so within nature!

Laurelhurst Park Engagement Photos

Located in Central East Side of Portland, Laurelhurst Park is hands down one of my favorite locations to shoot at during Autumn. You’ll be surrounded by yellows, orange, and reds of trees as they start shifting colors into Winter. There’s a cute pond in the middle with ducks swimming about, the Laurelhurst Staircase also sets a beautiful backdrop, and the street lamps in the park setting gives me European vibes for some reason. I don’t know but I love it.


Sauvie Island Engagement Photos

Did you ever realize how accessible the Sauvie Island beach is from Portland? It’s insane! Within 30 minutes you’re at Sauvie Island and can wander around Lavender fields, pumpkin fields, and corn mazes, and the beach. During the summer it’s a little hard since everyone is clearly cooling down from the hot summer months. But during the Winter? There’s a good chance we’ll have the space all to ourselves.

Check out more of this Sauvie Island Engagement Photos here!

Kelley Point Park Engagement Photos

Another  easily accessible beach setting right within Portland limits! Kelley Point Park is located out in the St Johns area at the very tip of the city, past even Cathedral Park. What I love about Kelley Point Park is that not only is there the beach areas with sand, and driftwood but there’s a bright forest with wide open fields for some super cute picnic scenes.

Eastbank Esplanade Engagement Photos

Eastbank Esplanade is such a cool spot for engagement photos. You get a view of Hawthorne Bridge, the Willamette River, and the Portland city skyline. My particular favorite is shooting late into dusk as the light starts to get darker and into blue hour, as the city lights start to turn on it looks so dreamy! The only catch these days is keeping the houseless population in mind as I’m afraid I’ve definitely seen some folks camped out here in more recent times.

Cathedral Park Engagement Photos

I honestly have to say Cathedral Park is one of my favorite Parks within Portland. I just love the St Johns bridge for that classic centered shot looking down the bridge onto the West side of the Portland hills. As you make your way down to the lower part of the park you can get closer to the river and even head onto the docks for a change of scenery! There’s just so much to play with here for your engagement photos!

Check out more of Kella & Ally’s Cathedral Park Engagement Photos here!

adorable asian couple during golden hour walking in a field cottagecore engagement session

Powell Butte Park

Located in deep East Side of Portland, Powell Butte is just stunning for golden hour on bright sunny days. The wide open fields just illuminate gorgeously. On a good day you might even get lucky and get views of Mt Hood!

Check out more of this Powell Butte Park Engagement Photos here!

Peninsula Park Engagement Photos

I know everyone talks about the International Rose Test Garden in Portland and listen, I love that too. But I can’t even explain why Peninsula Park holds a special place in my heart. Located in North Portland and featuring a fountain right in the center of the park, I think this is an absolutely stunning location for photos! The roses are all located in the South part of the park and the North area features bigger trees for a more forest vibe.

Oregon Engagement Photo Locations

Additional fees apply for shoots at these locations! Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the rates for Portland and Oregon engagement session pricing.

government cove engagement session columbia river gorge by marcela pulido photography government cove engagement session columbia river gorge by marcela pulido photography

government cove engagement session columbia river gorge by marcela pulido photography

Government Cove Engagement Photos

I honestly never tire at shooting at this location. Something about the moss covered rocks and landscape makes me feel like I’ve been instantly transported to Iceland. This area has SUCH a diverse landscape to play with and also features one of my favorite viewpoints of the Columbia River Gorge.

Check out more of this Government Cove engagement photos here!

newlyweds in front of Wahclella Falls Columbia River Gorge elopement

Wahclella Falls Engagement Photos

If you want a stunning waterfall view without a crazy long hike, then you’re absolutely in luck. Wahclella Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls to photograph within an easy and level 1 mile hike. I mean, I think the photo speaks for itself!

Viento State Park

Women’s Forum


Crown Point Engagement Photos

Ok, so I know the whole point of this location is meant to be the views of the Columbia River Gorge and here I am sharing these super foggy and overcast photos but you know what? Oregon weather is fickle. We gotta embrace the mood and sometimes honestly this is what you’re going to get, and I’m not even mad about it. Learn more about the Vista House here!

Latourell Falls

Another fun waterfall that’s super easy to access is Latourell Falls. In fact, this one’s an even shorter 5 minute walk to reach and if you’re down to get a little (maybe a lot…) drenched it’s really cool to get down to the base of the waterfall! For that reason I would probably not recommend going in the Winter when it’s a lot colder.

Check out more photos at Latourell Falls here!

Rowena Crest viewpoint couple kissing by Marcela Pulido Portland Wedding Photographer

Rowena Crest Engagement Photos

I feel like Rowena Crest had a moment and was THE SPOT for engagement photos in the Pacific Northwest. It’s kind of funny because there’s this horseshoe turn in the road that just works so nicely to help frame the couple in photos but that’s not all this spot has to offer: there’s a glorious field on top of a cliff with a gorgeous view of the Columbia River Gorge too!

Trillium Lake

One of my favorite lakes in Oregon! Trillium Lake is stunning during the summer and features a view of snowcapped Mt Hood as a backdrop for most of the year. On a warm day you can even go for a swim!

Mt Hood

Speaking of Mt Hood… what could be better than going directly to the mountain? During the winter we can go right to the snowy covered forest and mountain views!

guy kissing girl on cheek in front of a snowy mt hood

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge is the most direct access you can get to Mt Hood!

The Painted Hills Engagement Photos

The Painted Hills  is located in Eastern Oregon about 5 hours from Portland in the town of Mitchell. You can probably guess where they get their name, from the delicately painted sediment colors along the hillside. They are a gorgeous red color and set a beautiful backdrop for your engagement session!

Alvord Desert Engagement Photos

Did you know that Oregon has a desert? Yup! Down in Southeastern Oregon there’s a magical desert that boasts of hot springs and mountain views. Take me with you and we can do an engagement session with the flat lands surrounded by the Steen Mountains, followed by some steamy photos in the hot springs, what do you say?

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach

Oregon’s most famous rock! You might know it from such movies as The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop.

Haystack Rock: the world famous sea stack

oregon coast happy bride cute bhldn gown dress run astoria cannon beach Portland Wedding Photographer Marcela Pulido sun sunset oregon coast haystack rock cannon beach astoria Portland Wedding Photographer Marcela Pulido

Ecola State Park

One of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast! Ecola State Park has so much to offer from fern covered forests, ridepools, a gorgeous view of the coast, and a stunning beach.

But make sure you check the State Park Website for road closures.

blue velvet wedding dress at a waterfall for oregon coast hug point elopement captured by marcela pulido photography portland oregon wedding and elopement photographer

Hug Point

Hug Point is another sweet spot on the Oregon Coast. We have to time the session just right to make it during low tide to be able to reach this secret waterfall location, directly on the beach!

bride and groom rue de seine wedding kissing on the red cliffside of cape kiwanda elopement by marcela pulido portland oregon wedding photography

Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City

I don’t think I need to say much about Cape Kiwanda. It’s a stunning location featuring martian red colored cliffs, a sand dune directly on the beach, and the cliffside view of the ocean. It really doesn’t get much more stunning than that!


Smith Rock Engagement Photos

Located towards Bend, Oregon in Terrebonne, Oregon, Smith Rock  is a climber’s paradise and a stunning backdrop for your engagement session. We don’t have to go very far to get an incredible backdrop for your engagement photos.

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is a natural body of water near the crest of the central Cascade Range in Deschutes County in the U.S. state of Oregon. The lake is about 26 miles west-southwest of Bend along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway in Deschutes National Forest.

Mary’s Peak

This is the highest peak on the Oregon Coast! Mary’s Peak is a favorite for Springtime to get some wildflower views.

Portland Engagement Photo Pricing

Are you interested in hiring me for your engagement photos? Holla at ya girl! I offer two separate engagement photo options:

adorable asian couple during golden hour walking in a field cottagecore engagement session

Greater Portland Area Engagement Photo Session Pricing:

Pricing: $600

Anything within 45 miles of Portland falls in this range! This is for your standard engagement session that lasts roughly 45-60 minutes in one location with two outfit changes. Usually you can expect to receive 40+ fully edited high resolution images delivered online via an online downloadable and shareable gallery. You can purchase high quality prints, photo albums or magazines directly from your gallery! But don’t worry, you’ll also get a Print Release if you want to take your images and get them printed somewhere else.


Oregon Adventure Engagement Session Photo Pricing:

Pricing: $1000

Adventure Sessions are for when it takes a little bit longer to access the location, beyond the greater Portland area and usually requires a bit of hiking. That’s why these sessions don’t really have a time constraint, but usually are half day sessions. You can expect to receive 80+ fully edited images delivered via an online downloadable gallery to share with friends and family!



Still figuring out what to wear for your engagement session? Don’t fret, check out my What To Wear For Engagement Session Guide here! Don’t forget to reach out! Let’s chat and start planning the engagement session of your dreams!


So many amazing spots! I would probably want to take photos at all of them (over time, of course)! I think Cathedral Park is my favorite! Such a unique location and one i haven’t seen posted a lot before!

Goodness me. So many gorgeous locations in portland, and indeed oregon, I am in love with the horseshoe bend in rowena crest image

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I love love that i can feel the weathEr in all of your photos – i feel the mood, the rain Or sun, you captured it all so beautifully!

I really need to get myself to Oregon- this is such a great list. So many awesome spots for engagement photos!

I love the variety in all these locations! So many places i haven’t been to yet, but would love to go one day! I love that you have so many Places you’re familiar with and happy to share. Beautiful work!!!

Wow, there’s soooo many BEAUTIFUL locations you’ve found! I had no idea Portland has so many different vibes to choose fRom!

Oregon is jusT so epic! So many different landscapes for couples to choose!


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