Brit & James met as he had just arrived from China, as they discussed foreign cultures and each taught the other about their own. James would teach Brittany about his life and where he came from and Brittany would take him to local shows and introduced him to the local punk music scene.

      After a year of pursuing Brittany and having spent a summer away in China, James returned to find that she had put together a jar of reasons why she loves him. She watched as he unfolded each piece of paper, one by one, until he got to the bottom to find a hidden message asking if he would be her boyfriend.

      Through the distance of his time spent away and later as Brittany studied abroad in Costa Rica for six months helped bring these two together. When Brittany would feel homesick or even when she had an awesome new experience, she came to realize that the only person she really wanted to share these emotions and events with was James.

      Love is a tender thing to watch as it unfolds. Not only do I have the privilege of calling Brittany & James dear friends of mine but of having watched a glimpse of their romance as it unfolded. They came from Indiana together to Portland where we met, where James proposed, and together we all went back to Indiana to watch them exchange their vows.

      Since much of James family is in China and not everyone was able to make the trip, his family put together a video montage of messages from loved ones wishing them congratulations on their nuptials. It was a very touching and lovely thing to behold. Here it is! Brittany & James, I’m so honored to call you my friends. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

      Mustard Seed Gardens Wedding

      Gown: Cocoon Silk
      Suit: Men’s Warehouse
      Florist: Union Street Flowers
      Cake and desserts: Confectioneiress
      Caterer: A Cut Above Catering
      Bar: The Palomino Ballroom
      Venue: Mustard Seed Gardens
      DJ: Event One

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