Stylish Cannon Beach Elopement

This day, wow. Elia and Mario were married back home in Florida but they wanted to take their elopement photos somewhere in Oregon to take advantage of the scenic landscape. So check out this Modern Cannon Beach Elopement! This elopement happened during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in the Fall. All I knew was that they were coming from Florida to take their elopement photos and not much else, so imagine my absolute pleased surprise when they showed up looking so absolutely stunning!

Elia looked drop dead gorgeous in her modern bridal two-piece wedding gown. Mario looked absolutely dapper in his suit and bowtie! You could tell by the way they looked at each other how incredibly in love they are. They read vows to each other right at sunset golden hour and were so emotional, scroll down to the bottom to see for yourself!

We can’t forget Peanut the pandemic French Bulldog puppy that they brought along with them too! Peanut had a blast running around on the beach and frolicking with its newlywed parents on the Oregon coast!

Congratulations to Elia & Mario on their Cannon Beach Elopement!

Florals by Novella Theory

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Beautiful work! And such creative stuff with the prism/glass piece! love it!

Wow, everything about this shoot is incredibly gorgeous! This has to be my favorite Cannon Beach elopement I’ve seen. Such stunning work!

Absolutely obsessed with these photos. Your style is so unique + flawless! love their choice of outfits and location. looks like an amazing day.

This is incredible! I love PNW weddings, especially cannon beach. You’ve Done such an amazing job to make the Shots all about the couple…not simply the location. Thanks For sharing!

such a stunning after weddig session. i love the blur you gave some pictures and her dress is beyond stunning!

Holy wow are these dreamy. Love your style- those black and white images are gorgeous. Such gorgeous work (and i love the doggo!)

Love the motion blur photos! Sooo well done. I don’t think there is a prettier setting than sunset on a beach with the mist coming off the water. So incredible! Well done!

That dress is gorgeous! And yoru photos are stunning! But that dress – have not seen anything quite like that – love it! SO stylish, gorgeous time at Cannon Beach and the cute puppers – looks like an amazing time! Love it!


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