Boy, oh boy! A trip down to the Oregon Coast and Cannon Beach in a camper van!?

      This is what they mean when they say kindred spirits.

      Social media trips me out so much. Bethany is a fellow photographer in Alberta, Canada. She and her boyfriend Jesse took a two week jaunt in their camper van down to Oregon and the Coast. It was only by sheer chance that our paths crossed. I posed in a group an image of the Oregon coast and Bethany reached out to me to capture some photos of them at Cannon Beach in a camper van. As someone who once lived out of a van for two months and traversed through the Southwest, I was instantly smitten. I knew I had to do it! Once we met, it was just as if catching up with old friends. We shared laughs over beer and dinner after the shoot along with life stories and jokes. I just know that someday I’m going to have to make the trip up to Alberta myself so I can see the Northern Lights for myself, just as they showed me. I can’t wait to catch up with them then.

      Cannon Beach in a Camper Van

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