Castaway Portland Wedding with Llamas | Thuy & Vy

January 15, 2018

Thuy and Vy set out to have a fantastic wedding party to best celebrate their love, and I mean a PARTY. They brought out piñatas for the kids, there was even talks about having a karaoke machine during the reception until it was decided that it would be too much… but the best part, by far, had to be Rojo and Napoleon, the therapy llamas. There’s just no way you couldn’t smile around them! Thuy had been at her friends wedding the year before at Castaway Portland where she ended up missing the wedding ceremony because she was so caught up with the llamas! That’s when she knew, she had to have them for her own wedding. Everything about the day was about sharing their love with their community of people. Thuy-Linh told a lovely story about how they had taken a trip to see Seal perform in Vegas and how Vy was just so awestruck that he said they HAD to have Seal perform Kiss From a Rose at their wedding. Well, not one to back down, Thuy-Linh started emailing and writing letters to Seal to get him to their wedding. She wrote and wrote until finally…. Seal made it!… in the form of a cardboard cutout. She brought him out while showing a sweet video of all their friends doing sweet and goofy little dances at multiple locations they had visited throughout the year. Seal danced the night away and even made it into a few photobooth snapshots. 

Castaway Portland Wedding with Llamas

Photographer: Marcela Pulido Photographer
Second Shooter: Jasmine J Photo
Planner: Sue Blue Events
Florals: Brier + Ivy
Gown: Alexander Grecco
Cake: Sweetheart St. Johns
Caterer: Field Day
Venue: Castaway Portland
LLamas: Mtn. Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas


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