What a wild ride this one was! Three years ago I started seriously looking into becoming a wedding photographer. I’d been shooting for about 10 years just for fun, taking portraits of my friends and photographing the landscape of all the new places that I moved to. I found Christina DeVictor’s work on Someplace Wild and I reached out to her immediately, I was so enamored by her beautiful work. Her response was so kind and heartfelt that it stuck with me all these years later as a reflection of how I’d like to react to other photographers in the industry. It’s all about community, not competition after all!

But imagine my freaking surprise all these years later, after a few tries of attempting to meet up, to run into Christina and Tony in Tulum, Quintana Roo, México of all places! We woke up before dawn and drove down to the Mayan Ruins in Tulum right on the beach to catch the sunrise. We finally had a chance and had an amazing heart to heart. Everything about this day was pure magic.


Oh. My. Goodness.
You seriously had me at the opening shot. And the good kept coming…beautiful set! <3

Love these! It’s SO awesome that you happened to be in Tulum at the same time. I wish I had been so lucky on my trip to Mexico. So gorgeous!

Beautiful! I did a wedding in Mexico last year and you got some great light and countryside – they must be thrilled with these

I love all of these! Their love really shines through in these images. Jealous of the location too!

This is so romantic to look at! Love the textures that are surrounding them in these photographs 🙂

That’s pretty! I love the ones where they’re sitting down between the plants. You did a wonderful job 🙂

Love that light! Simply gorgeous.

These are gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to visit Tulum!

These are so amazing and I love your edit! This was the best time!!! 🙂

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