One of the greatest things that I love about being a photographer is the connections that I get to make as a result of it. What can I say? I love people. But sometimes the best connections that you make come as a result of friends and family.

      I first met Jay’s cousin Miranda and her husband Chris (from Dawn & Hawkes, you may remember them from The Voice) two years ago when Jay took me to his home state of Texas for Christmas to meet the folks. I remember being struck by how awesomely talented his whole family was, as they all so easily picked up their guitars, gathered around and started playing, singing songs and taking turns. This wasn’t like any Christmas I’d ever experienced and I just instantly fell in love with the comfort and warmth that emanated from them all.

      Naturally when they came out to Portland on their tour we had to meet up! First they played at Alberta Street Pub where we met Judy, an awesome lady who invited them out to her house in Eagle Creek to play a private show. So one Monday evening we made the scenic drive and came out to easily the coolest house show I’ve ever seen with a river flowing right alongside the stage.

      Thankfully these two were good-natured enough to humor me for a few quick shots well after the sun had already set. But needless to say, I’m looking forward to catching up with them once more, quite possibly next time being in their home of Austin, TX.

      Dawn & Hawkes

      A little more backstory on these two love/songbirds… they eloped in Big Sur last year and kept it a mighty fine secret much to everyone’s surprise. They announced their marriage with the release of their album, Yours and Mine with the title-track music video featured below.



      Brilliant use of lighting, very well executed with such urban surrounds.

      When I think of Portland photography I think of vast epic landscapes, but It’s so eye opening seeing a fairly urban portland event! Gorgeous work!

      Judy (Hawkes and Gene Hanners

      Thank you so much Marcela for sharing this wonderful event at our home through your photographic talent……..
      It was a fortunate time at the Alberta Street Pub on Thursday, August 18th when I met you and was able to invite you to join us to help make a beautiful memory for all who attended and especially Chris and Miranda.
      This goes down as a truly beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

      This was a once in a lifetime concert that my husband and I really enjoyed. Miranda and Chris are beautiful together from the inside out. Thank you for the memories and music!♡

      This house show in Portland looks like it would have been so much fun to attend! You did a beautiful job at documenting this event and I especially love the black and white photos as well!

      Rodger & Elizabeth (Hawkes) Cook

      It was a very magical evening. One we will remember for many years to come.

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