(jk I’m available worldwide)

Everyone has opinions about what you should do for your wedding, that goes without saying. I’m here to remind you that whatever you want to do is what you should do, screw everyone else’s opinions. If that means you want to throw a giant 200+ party then do that and if you want to elope in a badass location that’s near and dear to your heart with no one in sight but just you, your love, and maybe me to capture some incredible imagery? Then count me in!

Elopements are rad AF. The thing I love the most about them is that they give us the freedom to take our time, plan accordingly and pick the most stunning location at the time of day when the lighting is perfect and get you and your love looking beautiful as hell. The West Coast alone has an incredible array of locations ranging from beaches, coastal ranges, desert, mountains, lakes, and epic views. If you’re struggling to decide on a spot then I’m here to help, I once lived out of a van and traveled through the Southwest visiting all the National Parks I could so I’m happy to help in the decision making and planning process!

Do you have your heart set on eloping in Oregon? Then look no further, I’m your girl! Make sure you check out my “How to Elope in Oregon” guide while you’re at it!

Looking to elope somewhere abroad? Then no fricken worries! I’ve got my passport ready and a traveling bug that can’t be scratched, so I’m always down to go adventure somewhere new. Give me a holler and let’s get this party going!