What are you looking for when it comes to your Portland, Oregon Wedding Photography? If you’re wanting laidback luxury vibes, a romantic and nostalgic feeling, images that are both modern yet timeless… with a hint of grit, then you’ve come to the right place.

My heart is forever with weddings.

Whether it’s an intimate wedding with only your closest friends or family or a giant 200+ gathering of all your extended cousins and mariachis (I mean, come on, I’m brown) then COUNT. ME. IN. Not only do I love dancing and big parties (and mariachis, imma cry just FYI) but the introvert in me is happy to go somewhere quiet and camp out with some s’mores at the mellow gatherings.

The thing is, I just love weddings. I’m that hopeless romantic who’s going to ask you all the questions about how you met, how you proposed, and all the ooey gooey lovey things you can possibly tell me ‘cos frankly I can’t get enough of that good love stuff. So naturally I’m a sucker for weddings and all the emotions that run wild. I’m just happy that I’m lucky enough to have you considering to bring me along to play such an integral part of your big day. Because being able to capture all the tears and laughter and all the love you’ll be feeling? Yeah, I’m into that.

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