Oregon Elopement Guide with Locations and Packages

      Your guide to everything you need to know to elope in Oregon.


      Are you planning or wanting to elope in Oregon? Then don’t trip. I got you. Oregon has so much natural beauty and landscape to offer and so much versatility!

      When is the best time to elope in Oregon?

      We get a lot of out-of-towners visiting Oregon during the summer that fall in love with it’s landscape and decide they want to come back to get married. But the Oregon you see during the summer is vastly different from the Oregon we see the other 8 months out of the year. Basically, a lot of that lush greenery is a result of all that rain we get. So if you’re planning to elope in Oregon you need to plan accordingly.

      The best time to elope in Oregon is in the late Spring or early Fall; May, June, September, or October.

      Things to consider:

      • if you come to our beloved state in May or June you’ll get to experience a lot of wildflowers blooming! But if you wait until September or October you’ll get to see the leaves changing color and the weather getting more brisk.
      • we’ve had some pretty bad wildfires over the past few years that have brought some awful smoke during the late summer (August/September) months.
      • whenever you plan on visiting, bring a rainjacket and appropriate footwear. A lot of our most beautiful landscapes that you’d want to elope in might take a small trek to get to, and with the rain it’s definitely going to be muddy so your best dress shoes might not cut it. If you really want to you can always invest in a good and beautiful pair of Red Wing Heritage or Danner Boots or something with a similar aesthetic.

      What is the best time of day to elope?

      The quick answer is… it depends! Really it comes down to the location but the two best times of day for any kind of photoshoot is either at sunrise or roughly an hour before sunset. We want to take advantage of that dreamy light that we get during these times of day for the most epic and most flattering images. I’m more partial to sunset myself, depending on the location and how far away we are from light pollution then we can even to some night and astrophotography!

      Best locations to Elope in Oregon


      Mt Hood:

      You get scenic mountain views and wildflowers, what more could you want?


      Painted Hills

      A lush landscape of rolling hills that look as if they’ve been painted with a brush.


      Oregon Coast

      Yep, the famous place we all learned the phrase “Goonies never say die” offers a lot of versatility in views with coastal cliffs, sand dunes, and lush, fern covered forests.

      Columbia River Gorge

      One of the most versatile landscapes I’ve ever seen! The Columbia River Gorge has spectacular views of the river along with an insane amount of waterfalls accessible right off the highway.

      Crater Lake
      Smith Rock in Bend, OR

      A climber’s paradise with spectacular views! Smith Rock is high up on my list of places I’d love to photograph an elopement in, will you be the first?

      Preferred Vendors

      CC Films

      Metal and Moss
      Brier and Ivy

      Sweet Caroline Styles

       Oregon Elopement Photographer Pricing

      So what do you think? Are you convinced that you want to elope in Oregon? Then you’re going to need a badass photographer to capture the most stunning images and I’m your girl!

      I offer a custom “build your own elopement” package to best help meet your needs.

      Starting at $1500 each custom elopement package includes;

      • complimentary consult
      • custom timeline building
      • location ideas and scouting
      • 2 hours of coverage included
        • $300 each additional hour of coverage
      • travel included within 60 miles of Portland
      • hi res fully edited images delivered via online downloadable gallery
      • social media sized files to share with all your friends

      Do you need an officiant? Turns out, I’m ordained! If you’re in a pinch and need an officiant at the last minute then I’m happy to step in and help out for an added cost of $500.

      Ready to chat? Send me an email via my contact form or directly at [email protected] and I’d be happy to start helping you plan the Oregon elopement of your dreams!

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