Kat + Karl // Rowena Crest Anniversary Session, Part III

April 27, 2016

More from Kathleen, on their anniversary session and first trip to Portland:

Our trip to Portland was actually on a whim, and it just so happened to be around the same time as Valentine’s Day and our first year anniversary the following month, so we decided what better way to commemorate our paper year anniversary than having an adventure session in Oregon. I immediately scoped out photographers with a particular style in mind, and when I came across Marcela, I knew she was a perfect fit.

On the day of the shoot, we immediately hit it off and became instant friends. We wanted a shoot that “us” and she understood exactly what we wanted. No frills, but simply a reflection of what we like to do on a regular basis. We are avid coffee drinkers and asked Marcela to take us to one of the best coffee shops in Portland and found the atmosphere at Stumptown at the ACE Hotel to be absolutely fitting.

We also love to spend our free time hiking, and were ecstatic when Marcela was down to take a trip out to the Columbia River Gorge with us for the second half of our shoot. We were absolutely drenched to the bone during our hike to Wahclella Falls, but the breathtaking scenery and the amazing photos we got out of it were definitely worth it!

We definitely recommend to couples to have a photo shoot at certain milestones of their marriage, as a way to document their journey and love as a couple. It’s especially great to look back on when times get hard as a reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.

Rowena Crest Anniversary Session

in case you missed it, make sure you check out Parts I and II of Kathleen & Karl’s anniversary session at the Ace Hotel and Multnomah Falls!


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