Intimate In-Home Session | Kelsey & Mikey

June 8, 2016

Part of the beauty of being a photographer is being able to connect with so many wonderful people from all over, in places you might never have expected. When I realized I was heading out to Indianapolis, I reached out to Kelsey Goodrich from The Goodrich Wife (as can be most notably found on instagram) to see if she and her handsome hubby Mikey would be down for an intimate in-home session.

Now these two lovelies are absolutely to die for. Even just from snippets seen on her instagram I knew their home would be ridiculously lovely and a treat to photograph, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what sweethearts these two were! When asked about what to do or see in Indianapolis (when I swear to God everyone else just said cornfields and the Indy 500) Kelsey sent me over a pretty comprehensive list to the hipster’s guide to Indianapolis.

They invited me into their home, made a killer cup of coffee on their Chemex Coffee Maker and were an absolute dream.

So here they are, The Goodrich Family.


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