I met Lindsay and Jimmy in some pretty unlikely circumstances. Jimmy is a bartender at a bar down in Redlands, California that a buddy frequents and took me out to on this particular Winter night of 2016. We were pretty jolly when Jimmy mentions that he recently got engaged and that he and his lady are looking to do a destination wedding, location still at the time to be determined. As a photographer who loves to travel you can just imagine the sound of a record scratching in my head as he said this. We chatted, hit it off, and soon thereafter scheduled an engagement session for Jimmy and Lindsay. The rest, as they say, is history.

      Here’s the beautiful Lindsay and Jimmy’s Laguna Beach Engagement. Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Fiji next year!

      Laguna Beach Engagement

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      omg these images are seriously incredible

      So, I’m officially obsessed with your work now! Also, how freaking cool that they’re GETTING married in Fiji?! These made me miss Laguna!

      Laguna beach is my hometown you and nailed this shoot! Took me right back. also your tones are perfection and so is this couple!

      These photos remind me of how badly I want to shoot at LAguna Beach! I absolutely adore her outfits and their genuine smiles together!

      Oh my gosh the tones in this are wonderful. Have never really thought about laguna beach as a place outside of the tv show and this is a totally different perception.Also, her dress is to die for, omg.

      I love all of these! The tones are amazing, and you did such a great job. I tried to shoot out at Laguna Beach last time I was in LA and didn’t get to. Definitely making that a priority next time!

      You captured their love so well! I love the variety and the tones!

      Such a gorgeous intimate session. You’ve captured this couple and the love between them absolutely perfectly!

      Beautiful photos on A BEAUTIFUL beach.

      The tones in these photos are amazing! Can’t wait to visit southern California next month, may have to give Laguna Beach a visit now!

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