One of the grandest things about what I do is the friendships that comes out of it. Nothing can compare to hanging out with rad people for a day, having a bit of an adventure, and laughing like old friends. Those are the days I remember fondly.

      So imagine my joy when I get to photograph someone who’s already a close friend to begin with! I’ve known Kristen since we were AVID nerds in middle school and I am just stupidly grateful that I get to call this beauty such a dear friend. I was overjoyed at the opportunity that I had to photograph her and her equally awesome husband Steven in Oak Glen, California.

      How awesome is this place?! One location looked like fall, with lovely orange leaves surrounding us in every direction and not even 30 feet away we had the Christmas tree farm and small mounds of snow that looked like Winter. Ah, California. You’ll always have my heart…

      Oak Glen Wedding Portraits


      These are stunning!! What a beautiful couple and beautiful location!!

      Her smile is infectious! I especially love the shot of them where they are looking in opposite directions and the blue sky is so vivid. Such sweet wedding portraits!

      love these! beautiful colors and emotions!

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