Whether it’s been a whirlwind romance or has been some time coming, any proposal is a huge landmark in both your relationship and your life. It’s probable that the days and weeks that follow will be a bit of a blur, and that’s okay! We don’t want to bring you back down off of cloud nine, but there is some admin you’ll need to complete sooner rather than later. 


Fear not, they’re all wedding and engagement-related, so you’ll be able to bask in your euphoric state a little while longer. Here are three things you should be thinking about immediately after the big question has been answered.

How you’re going to announce it


If you’ve managed to keep the secret to yourself, now’s the time to think about how you’re going to announce your new status to your nearest and dearest. If you want to keep things low key, then a few phone calls to your families is all that’s required to fill them in on the big news. 


However, if you want to go all out and announce it to the world, a social media post can be a great way to show off both your new fiancée and your latest piece of bling. If you opt for this approach, do consider the etiquette of social media engagement announcements to avoid any faux pas spoiling the moment. 


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Wedding planning


You might have been working on rough blueprints for how you want your wedding to look ever since you were little, but now is the time to start the planning process for real. One of the most important things to figure out at this early stage is the date you want to hold the ceremony, and then everything else can be factored in around it. 


Venues will be booked up on the most popular dates to get married (often Saturdays throughout summer) long in advance of the day itself. Even if you are planning on putting the wedding off for a little while, it can still be useful to have a date in mind to avoid any disappointment when it comes to choosing a venue.  


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Purchase ring insurance


Your new engagement ring will likely be one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in your collection, and you’ll want to ensure that it’s covered if the worst were to happen. Depending on its value, your ring could be covered by home insurance. But do bear in mind that this won’t be the case for everyone, and most policies only protect items that are stolen or damaged within your home. 


If the ring is particularly valuable, it might need to be listed as a ‘specific item’ to ensure that it’s fully covered. This is also something you’ll want to bear in mind when shopping for your wedding rings. Speak to your insurance providers who will be able to advise you on how to make the relevant changes to your policy. 

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