You can’t help but love a couple with determination. Erin & Jonathan came to Portland from Texas to elope. We knew they wanted to do it in a beautiful location, we just weren’t sure if the weather was going to allow it. We decided on a back up location, just in case. Having prepared for the worst, it was decided that they would elope at The Grotto, which was closer to town and gave us more covering. It was an overcast and rainy day but we were surrounded by the last remaining vibrant fall colors. After the short ceremony, we tried to rush to the waterfall to do a few portraits only to have it start pouring rain on us all. We decided to recoup the next day at Wahclella Falls and were met with a beautiful sight. I’m happy to say in the end, it all worked out.

Wahclella Falls Elopement


I just died. That light at Wahclella and the emotion – WOW GIRL.

That location and the light is INSANE! They’re such a gorgeous, gorgeous couple. This is such a beautiful, soulful set of images. I’m a fan!

Beautiful intimate work!

This Wahclella Falls Elopement is absolutely amazing. I love how you captured the mood of the day. Incredible images!

this whole session is very enchanting! i seriously love your work!

Super beautiful! Love the way you captured that light at Wahclella falls!

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