Camp Angelos Wedding | Anna & Ben

August 31, 2016

Anna & Ben, what can I say? Their quirkiness and good-natured humor kept me on my toes (and laughing) the whole day. It was apparent that these two did not take themselves too seriously, in fact between their joking around and constant giggles it was pretty dang hard to get some serious portraits done. But that’s not the point, we got plenty of shots of them laughing and loving each other as they naturally do, and that’s the beautiful part about it all.

Everything about their wedding day was a beautiful representation of themselves, and that’s what a wedding should be! All the way down to their vows. These two created an elaborate story with two otters that showcased all of the ideals that they deem important and wish to fulfill in their marriage, such as acts of service, caring for one another, and sharing their life and love with a community of people around them.

They say you should marry someone who makes you laugh and it’s obvious that these two knocked it out of the park with that one. So check out their Camp Angelos wedding, which for the event became “Camp Benanna.”

Camp Angelos Wedding


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