It was a love of Mexican candy that brought these two together. Now wait! That means we’ve got to go back some time, this love story has been 14 years in the making. Ruby and Cheovanny have known each other since Middle School, when Ruby used to buy Mexican candy that Cheo was selling at school.

It wasn’t until a High School math class that they really got to know each other and connected. They hit it off immediately and their competitive edge pushed them both to finish exams quickly so they could secretly pass notes to one another through their graphing calculators.

Their love story is one that grew from a sense of mutual support. From Ruby being there emotionally supporting Cheo through the difficult passing of his uncle and the struggles that comes from the loss of a family member to Cheo supporting Ruby during exams; quietly bringing her food and clearing off the table so that she could focus on her studies. It’s in the quiet moments like these that true love is born and I have no doubt in my mind that these two are going to spend the rest of their lives happy together.

It was on New Year’s Eve 2016 that Cheo finally popped the question. With the use of his handy TI-83 calculator, no less!

Spending the day with them and watching them exchange vows in front of their family in some of the most gorgeous landscapes that Oregon has to offer was such a beautiful thing to behold. And, well, you can see the rest for yourself…

Columbia River Gorge Elopement

GOWN: Rue De Seine
ICE CREAM: Eastwind Drive-In


Marcela, these are insane. The love, emotion, locations, tones, everything. You TOtally rocked this!!

whoah this is stunning! such a gorgeous day 😀

Wow, this is is absolutely stunning! love her lacy wedding gown against the waterfall- so dreamy.

I’ve been to some of these exact locations, and i feel like i’m seeing them in a whole new light! You captured this day, this couple, and their unique love…beautifully. Nicely done!

Wow. What a beautiful location and even more beautiful photography. Great work!

simply breathtaking!

wow, this is all kinds of gorgeous! I bet they just adore their photos!!!!!

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